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    Through developing a relationship built on integrity and support, PPA uses personal experience and knowledge to team up with our families through their athlete's college selection process.  We guide you to identify well-suited colleges for our student-athletes, placing emphasis on athletics, campus life, and education.

    When selecting a college, everyone has their ideal experience in mind. We meets with athletes and their families to discuss the athlete's individual goals, and what they want from their college experience.

    Athletes complete a skills assessments to determine how they stack up. 

PPA provides both feedback and an honest evaluation for every athlete.

    Once goals and skills are established, PPA uses our personal network to hundreds of college programs. PPA promotes our athletes to schools that will set them up for success on and off the field.

All Premier Athletes complete Success Workshops throughout enrollment with PPA.

These workshops teach Premier Athletes how to become a successful student-athlete and successful in life.

Above all else, Premier Athletes know we are in their corner.
No matter the school, no matter the career
, we support you throughout your journey.

Your Goals

Your Future

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